What matters before buying a rug

Type of the fibres used

While considering floor rugs online to buy, there are chances that you feel confused about all the choices. Rugs are available in many sizes, designs, colour, different fibres. Beside all, the décor of the room also matters.

There is a difference between the rugs which are made from the synthetic fibres to those which are made of natural fibres.

Natural fibres rugs

These are obtained from nature. Plants and animals are sources. Examples are like wool, grass, sisal, silk and, coir

Wool rugs are a little bit expensive. Wool is warmer and there are a lot of rugs available in the market. One more good thing about wool rugs is they do not burn easily.

Silk is best in low traffic areas or for formal living areas. They are not durable, they can be used for wall hanging. Natural rugs are the good choice for those who are more eco-friendly and like green lifestyle.

Synthetic fibres rugs

These rugs are not obtained from nature. They are made by man itself. The Material used while making synthetic fibre rugs are nylon, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. Synthetic fibres are strong and more water resistance as compared to natural rugs. So, they have longer time durability. Depending on how these rugs are made, their stain and fade resistant also varies. More beating is required only if they are made of good density.

Each type has its own advantage and disadvantage. Both comes in a lot of size and designs. There is a wide collection of floor rugs online that meet your demand and provide a lavish look to the home. Traditional rugs with simple design are also available for those who likes their tradition. It is consumers choice which suits best to their home décor.

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