What are the projects of mechanical engineering?

In recent time the vast numbers of competitions are increasing day by day. Everyone wants to become a successful person in his/her life. In the field of mechanical engineering, several projects were done for more settlement. When you are searching the mechanical engineering jobs, you have to check their project ideas.

The projects are as given below:

Solar PV panel installation

The panel contains the introductory information about solar energy application, installation, calculation, connection, grid system, the instrument for measuring, set up experimental, and result. There are several calculations done for the installation of the PV panel, which is explaining the detail in the section. The location of the group is based on the daily system of energy.

Solar aluminum tubular air heater

As you know that fossil fuels are the fastest reduce sources of the world. It is essential to save these sources and use renewable resources of energy like solar energy. The demand for this has been high especially for developing country. The cost of this air heater is low as compare to others. It is lightweight so that they are currently used worldwide.


Exchange of heat is that process which is designed for the transfer of heat energy between hot fluid and coolant. It may be for two purposes one is to remove heat from them, and another one is to make heat in the liquid. The heat exchanger is one of that which makes the flow in the fluid from the plurality of passages with hydraulic diameter.

CNC Lathe

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is that technology which is used to control an operation machining. The most common key which is used in machinery available in the industries is CNC lathe.

These are some projects of mechanical engineering jobs which you need to check in any company.

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