Understand The Location Of Fraser Residence Promenade

There are a number of residential development areas present, but Fraser Residence Promenade is the most preferred option. Such a development project is located at the Jiak Kim Street. There are a lot of facilities near to Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street such as the bus interchanges, shopping malls, and many more. If you are finding the area for the house, then it will be a good option. Here are further details related to the poject –

The bus interchange

The location is present near some bus interchanges, so we can get such facility by choosing the area for the house. Havelock MRT Station and Great World City MRT Station are some examples of the bus interchanges. Well, when we live close to such places, then transportation becomes too easy. On the other hand, other projects are too far from these places, and people will have to deal with so many problems regarding transportation.

The shopping malls

Some famous and renowned malls are also situated near the Fraser Residence Promenade. So, if someone loves to stay updated with fashion, then it will be the best ever option as they can get trendy clothes and many other things near the house. Well, such malls can be visited by passing the walking distance. Here are some examples of the shopping malls near such location –

  • Valley Point Shopping Centre
  • Concorde Shopping Centre
  • Great World City Shopping Centers

Apart from this, the location is also situated near many other facilities. While we talk about the schools or the parks, the location is the ideal choice as we can enjoy all these facilities with ease. There is no need to take tension about anything if we select such residential area in order to buy the house.

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