Ultimate guidance about snapchat

Are you the one who loves to use snapchat? If yes then you are at the right platform. Here in the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about some of the things which will help in bringing out the best while using the application. We will discuss some things which will help you to know how to increase the snapchat score. When you get to know about it, then you will be able to boost up your snapchat score.

How to boost your snapchat score?

When it comes to boosting up the snapchat score, then you need to focus on a few things which will help you to do so. There is no documentation you need to boost up your scores. For getting better snapchat scores, you need to focus on your sending and receiving of pictures. Few other things are also there, and those are:-

  • Adding other users
  • Create a lot of snapchat stories
  • Maintain the snapstreaks
  • Use the application when you have not logged on it from last few months

By this way, you can increase your snapchat score.

Create your own filters

Are you aware of it that you can create your own filters and lenses on the snapchat application? You should know that when you go to create them, then you have to pay some amount for it. You cannot create any filter and lens with the help of the smart phone application. You need to use the online portal for making the filters and lenses.


Snapchat is a very vast platform where you can enjoy a lot. You can click many pictures with crazy filters which will let you enjoy with your image. Make sure that you know how to increase snapchat score so that you will get the best while using the application.

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