Is Bigfoot a man-monster or myth!

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Bigfoot is also known as the Sasquatch, it is a huge creature, and it is said that this creature finds in the northwest. People and scientists find some physical evidence which proves that this Bigfoot creature really exists. There are many pieces of evidence which prove that Bigfoot exists, but scientists are still going through it for the accurate reality. In all over the country, this creature is estimated to be found in the northwest zone of the country. There are many myths and other sayings available on the internet about the creature. Even the interest of people in Bigfoot is also increasing very much on a rapid speed during the 20th century. The huge and mysterious footprints in the north zone are proving that it exists, but there are no clear results found for the existence of this creature. If you are exciting for knowing about the creature, then don’t worry because you are not only the one who is seeking for this. Numbers of researchers, scientists and others are making research on it. 

Photograph based evidence

In 1967, the image of Bigfoot was taken as a short film by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. In the short film, a man shaped and man sized dark man is standing. It is the best evidence given on the Bigfoot by these two guys. Everyone has a good camera in their pocket nowadays with their mobile phones, If there is something like the creature exists, then it will make them catch it instantly. One more thing is said by people that Bigfoot emits the unknown light waves which disturb the focus of cameras. Does not matter how good pictures the camera can click? The waves will lower down the impact by itself. 

People are wondering that is Bigfoot real or not, so wait until the research gets done. One day the truth will surely come out.

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